by Dr. Phyllis B. Cook Check our our web page and watch Whoopi talk about how she should have taken better care of her health.  She lost some teeth, let us help you prevent that and get your mouth and whole body healthier. I 'just got back from Denver and am excited to now be certified to do LANAP treatment for periodontal disease.  The training with the Millenium Dental Technologies taught by Dr. Ray Yukna (previous Chairman of Periodontics Department at LSU and most recently University of Colorado) and other excellent faculty.  It was a wonderful educational 3 days. Treating patients with this protocol in Denver I was able to see patients the next day.  They were so pleased with the minimal post operative pain and how much more comfortable their bites were. Additionally I got to reevaluate patients who had the treatment done 2 years before.  Their mouths were very healthy and areas that had had severe disease had minimal inflammation.  They know that their daily oral hygiene regimen and regular recare visits are part if the reasons for this success. One of the patient's had traditional periodontal surgery before the LANAP surgery and  had minimal success with it.   With the LANAP protocol she had less post op pain and tooth sensitivity which made her ability to do her part of maintenance easier. Several of her teeth had been at high risk for loss and now these teeth were healthy and periodontally within normal limits. I am so excited to offer this service as a treatment option for patients with periodontal disease. If you have bleeding gums and bad breath you most likely have some form of periodontal disease.  Please call our office 910-256-8486 to schedule an appointment for evaluation to see if painless laser surgery is the treatment for you.