Dental Implants 101 in Wilmington, NC

Dental Implants: The ABCs

Dental implants are useful for replacing one or more missing teeth. If you’re thinking about available options for replacing missing teeth, it’s important to understand how dental implants and traditional dentures and bridges work and differ.

Dental implants have three important components:

1. The titanium implant. Dental implants are made from body-friendly titanium, which easily fuses with your bone for a strong, tight fit, much the way natural teeth connect to the jaw bone.
2. The abutment. The abutment is what fits over the exposed part of the dental implant and connects it to the crown.
3. The crown. The crown is the part that people see when you smile – it looks just like a real tooth and is fastened on top of the abutment.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth there are key differences between dental implants and dentures to be mindful of:

    Before Dental Implant
    After Dental Implant

    The material
    : Dental implants are made of titanium, a body-friendly material that allows them to fully integrate with the jaw bone. Dentures are made with a variety of flexible plastics and metal, which the body tends to reject. Gum irritation is common.
  • Stability: The base of a dental implant acts like a real tooth root inside the jaw bone and gums, allowing for a natural, durable and fully-functioning tooth. Dentures rest on top of the gums and can move around to create gaps and clicking sounds when talking or eating. Chewing food can also be difficult, which may compromise nutrition.
  • Number of teeth: Dental implants are designed to replace as few or many missing teeth as you wish – whether it’s one tooth or all of them. Dentures generally work for patients who are missing most or all of their own teeth.
  • Bone preservation: Implants stimulate the jaw bone like natural teeth, preserving the jaw bone and preventing deterioration.
  • Contribute to Bone Loss: Because dentures only rest on the gums, the jaw bone does not receive necessary stimulation and will deteriorate with time.
  • Long-term success: Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. Patients who take good care of their implants rarely need replacements. Dentures eventually wear down and require a refit or replacement, which also adversely affects the health of the gums and jaw bone.

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