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Dentures supported by implants

Implant supported dentures

The All-on-4 technique – dentures supported by implants – is a stress-free, affordable tooth replacement solution for patients who want to look and feel better now. A denture implant procedure can give you the immediate confidence and improved quality of life you desire at a price that’s more affordable than other implant procedures. Please call our office to schedule a full comprehensive exam to determine if you are a candidate for implant supported dentures.

The All-on-4 technique rarely requires any bone grafting, which means you’ll leave the periodontist office the very same day with a fully functional set of denture implants. And because the All-on-Four technique requires just four denture implants, which maximize the use of existing bone, implant-supported dentures are a sensible option for patients with low bone density or volume.

Consider the All-on-4 denture implant technique and enjoy the benefits:

  • Lasting results – patients report a 98.5 % success rate after four years
  • Less investment compared to other implant procedures
  • A shorter recovery period
  • Stabilized bone levels and no bone grafting (in most cases)
  • Easier self-care and better oral hygiene
  • No food restrictions – eat whatever you want
  • A permanent smile – no more removable appliances
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Here’s how the All-on-4 denture implant technique works:

  • You will receive a local anesthetic to numb the working area and ensure a comfortable, painless experience.
  • Your periodontist will locate areas in your mouth that offer the best bone volume and fit the four denture implants into place.
  • New or existing dentures are then attached to the implants and over the next three to four months, your bones will fully integrate with the denture implants.
  • Your temporary teeth are removed and replaced with a permanent, customized set of teeth.

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