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Dentures supported by implants

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Implant Supported Dentures: Choice, Comfort and Freedom

Chafing, slipping, embarrassing clicking sounds and messy pastes and adhesives – these are the common frustrations often experienced by people who wear traditional dentures. And because regular dentures sit on top of the gums all day, they’re also at increased the risk for bone deterioration.

Implant supported dentures, or dentures supported by implants, are different.
Implant supported dentures fasten securely to several metal implants inside your gum line for a tighter, cleaner, more comfortable fit than ordinary dentures.

Implant supported dentures are also more convenient and easier to handle. You just snap them into place and they stay right there until you decide to take them off. If you prefer, dentures supported by implants can also function as permanent teeth.

Most patients use implant supported dentures in the lower jaw, where regular dentures tend to be the least stable, but implant supported dentures are a good option for the upper jaw too.

There are two kinds of implant supported dentures: bar-retained dentures and ball-retained dentures.

Bar-retained dentures eliminate the rubbing, loosening, and discomfort associated with traditional dentures. Here’s how they work:

  • Three or more dental implants are placed into the jaw bone and connected with metal bars that run along the gum line.
  • The dentures click onto the bars using metal clips for a comfortable, secure fit, eliminating the need for steel studs, which are used in ball-retained dentures.
  • Ball-retained dentures, or stud-attached dentures, utilize a ball and socket attachment mechanism. This stops dentures from slipping or moving and allows patients to eat and speak with ease. Here’s how they work:
  • Several dental implants with ball tips are placed in the jaw bone
  • The denture base, outfitted with an equal number of sockets as the implant, is lined up with balls and locked securely into place, allowing for open palate denture.

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